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BIA-I1261-1mg  离子霉素

BIA-I1261-1mg 离子霉素
BIA-I1261-1mg 离子霉素


Ionomycin is derived from Streptomyces conglobatus, and is a noted calcium ionophore with a selectivity of Pb2+ > Cd2+ > Zn2+ > Mn2+ > Ca2+ > Mg2+ >> Sr2+ ~ Ba2+. There is almost no binding to Sr2+ or Ba2+ or to  monovalent alkali metal cations.

Study the effect of this compound on planar phospholipid bilayers with tethered membrane preparations.


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This product is intended for in vitro research and educational experiments. It is  not suitable for clinical purposes and is not for human or veterinary use. Made by BioAustralis Sydney, Australia.

  • Quantity: 1 mg
  • Purity: > 95%