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BIA-M1299-5mg  米尔贝肟

BIA-M1299-5mg 米尔贝肟
BIA-M1299-5mg 米尔贝肟


Milbemycin oxime is made by oxidation and oximation of a mixture of milbemycin A3 and A4 (in ~30:70 ratio). Milbemycin oxime is used for the prevention of intestinal parasites in dogs and cats. Like the other milbemycin/avermectins, it works by opening glutamate sensitive chloride channels in neurons of invertebrates.

This product is intended for in vitro research and educational experiments. It is  not suitable for clinical purposes and is not for human or veterinary use. Made by BioAustralis Sydney, Australia.



Quantity: 25 mg

Purity: >95%