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isoPods™ - 微型电绝缘计量器

pods - miniature amplifiers

eDAQ isoPods™是一系列微型放大器。它们是电绝缘的,可用于信号噪声和串扰可能是一个问题的情况下。

USB isoPods

USB isoPods attach directly to a computer USB port or to a USB hub. Use eDAQ Pod-Vu software to log and graph signals directly to a Windows XP or later computer, or you can write you own special pupose software using LabView, C++, etc to communicate with these isoPods.

When using more than four USB isoPods on the one computer a good quality powered USB hub is required (eg Belkin model F4U041 or similar).

dO2 isoPod 连接USB 一个用于监控极谱(Clark)溶氧电极紧凑的信号调整器
pH/ISE isoPod 连接 USB 用于pH、离子选择性和ORP电极
Nitric Oxide isoPod with USB 一个用于监控一氧化氮极谱电极的紧凑、低噪声、信号调节器
Biosensor isoPod with USB for amperometric electrodes and sensors
热电偶 isoPod 连接USB 一个适合于连接大多数类型的热电偶探头的电绝缘放大器
RTD/热敏电阻isoPod连接USB 适合使用于ET020 RTD,或者ET021热敏电阻温度探测到125°C。
电导率 isoPod 连接USB 这isoPod 与两个电极电导探针联用适合于连续监测溶液电导率

e-corder isoPods

e-corder isoPods attach to the Pod ports on front panel of the e-corder unit. They become an extension of the e-corder system and are fully controlled by Chart or PowerChrom software.

pH 和离子选择电极isoPod 用于pH,离子选择性,和ORP电极
dO2 isoPod 一个紧凑的信号调整器用来监测极谱溶解氧电极(克拉克电极)。
一氧化氮 isoPod 一个紧凑、低噪声、信号调节器用来监控一氧化氮极谱电极。
生物传感器 isoPod 用于监测双电极(阳极和阴极)安培传感器
电导率 isoPod isoPod与两个电极电导探针联用适合连续检测溶液电导率。
热电偶 isoPod 一个适合与大多数类型热电偶探头连接的电隔离放大器。
RTD/Thermistor isoPod suitable for use with the ET020 RTD, or ET021Thermistor temperature probes up to 125 °C.
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